Indian Immigration & Legal Services In New Brunswick,NJ
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  • Name: Aditya
  • Contact: (989) 394-4020
  •  Grand Bay, AL, USA

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 Business category: Immigration & Legal Services
 Business contact: (989) 394-4020

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Service Vesa HR Services specializes in addressing the many complexities in the Employment-based Immigration process. we have been helping businesses and individuals assess various alternatives and navigate through the various stages of the intricate immigration process. Specialized We Provide specialized help to Corporate Sector in their immigrant and non-immigrant visa petitions. Our business specializes in the preparation of the Immigration paperwork and documents. Once the petition has been carefully prepared and edited, we send you the completed package through E-mail for you to submit the documentation packet to the U.S Citizenship & Immigration Service (USCIS). Expert Team Our expert team consists of HR Specialists, Immigration Consultants and Legal Document Assistants who, through hard work and dedication, render fast and effective services that will not let you down! We target start-up and middle-sized companies. Our rates are affordable and our customer satisfaction is through the roof.

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