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Mantra Law Office

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  • Name: Uma Mantravadi
  • Contact: (713) 787-5297
  •  6200 Savoy Dr. Suite 414 Houston, TX 77036

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 Business category: Immigration & Legal Services
 Business contact: (713) 787-5297

About Us

The Mantra Law Office, is an internationally recognized law firm representing both individuals and businesses in U.S. Immigration Laws, Personal Injury Matters and Business Related matters. We are committed to providing the highest quality of legal services with a personal touch and our entire staff is dedicated to providing clients with unparalleled client service. Client phone calls and e-mails are returned expeditiously. Ms. Mantravadi regularly communicates with clients after the initial client meeting, and discusses all aspects of the case, which can have a lifelong effect on their lives. In providing the highest quality representation in all U.S immigration related manners, we strive to serve our clients with creativity, sensitivity and diligence, three of the most important qualities an immigration lawyer can possess. We help our clients work through the extensive red tape surrounding immigration . Our attorneys take time in explaining the relevant law, procedure, timing, cost, possible outcomes, and alternative options for each client. This type of personal care gives you peace of mind that your legal matter is being handled with respect and efficiency. Our goal is to achieve the best possible outcome for your case. We uphold a high standard of ethical conduct and professional responsibilities. In the recent years, US Immigration has become extremely complicated. The United States is making it more difficult than ever before for individuals or employers to obtain temporary work visas or green cards or to even become a citizen. With complex rules governing legal admission and naturalization, obtaining the help of an immigration attorney, who has the experience, knowledge and commitment can make the difference in your quest for a permanent resident status in the US or US citizenship. We provide sophisticated, customized and experienced help for individuals or companies who need legal help for their approval to work and live in the US either permanently or temporarily. We serve people with immigration and naturalization needs in Houston, Texas and the surrounding areas. We work hard and find every legal strategy to secure permanent residency status for you and your family. What further sets the Mantra Law Office apart from many other firms is the level of dedication, individual attention each client receives and attention to detail that is extremely necessary in immigration law. With the advent of new technology, we are able to provide a greater level of personal attention through various means of communication to each client all over the world, regardless of their location.

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