Indian Immigration & Legal Services Kasprzyk Yellareddigari, LLC In Princeton,NJ
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Kasprzyk Yellareddigari, LLC Premium

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  • Name: Kasprzyk Yellareddigari, LLC
  • Contact: (609) 900-4050
  •  Princeton, NJ, USA

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 Business category: Immigration & Legal Services
 Business contact: (609) 900-4050

About Us

Kasprzyk Yellareddigari, LLC is a Law Firm committed to building strong relationships, gaining an in-depth understanding of each client's needs and goals, and providing practical legal advice. Whether it is a small business, corporation, or individual, we are dedicated to achieving optimal results for all of our clients. We will listen to you and learn about your specific circumstances, and then offer our advice and the best possible solutions for your unique legal situation. We provide knowledgeable legal counsel in a variety of practice areas, including contracts, litigation, immigration, real estate, family, labor and employment, and criminal defense. Of the many legal issues you may deal with, our goal is to help you achieve your goals. Contact a Kasprzyk Yellareddigari representative today and let us help you.

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